Pick of the Week: Stripe

If you’re a small business that is invoicing but unsure of how to take online payments, you’ve got to explore Stripe – this week’s pick of the week.



We chose Stripe for this week’s pick of the week because it has made online processing for payments so much easier for consultants, coaches, agencies and anyone really in the services¬†or online business.


Just connect it to the invoicing system of your choice¬†(we LOVE Invoice Ninja) and you’re all set. Stripe keeps your customer’s payment information totally secure and only costs you 2.9% to process credit cards. At that rate, it is a win-win for everyone. Your customers will love the convenience of being able to pay your invoices online and you’ll love getting your payments fast and safe.


This isn’t an affiliate link or anything, we just love the tool so much and so do our customers! Head over to learn more about Stripe here.

Pick of the Week: Stripe